Hanson Asiedu – Your Love [Official Music Video]

Track Details

Track Name: Your Love Artist: Hanson Asiedu
Release Date: January 2018 Re-release (Original April 2015)
Record Label: Independent
ISRC: GBLFP1800679 PRS Tunecode (UK Only): 174361LP

Artist Bio

Hanson Asiedu (formerly Kase Sounds), is a singer songwriter currently based in London. He is husband to Makeda and father to Nala.
Fresh from his Kickstarter success in October 2017, this is a re-release of a classic song in anticipation of the crowd-funded EP release in 2018.
From walking the borough of Merton as a postman, through to whizzing around the streets of London as a Police Officer, Hanson Asiedu’s music journey has been every bit as eventful and not for the faint of heart.
Returning from a brief hiatus, Hanson is back with plenty more gas in his tank and then some more to spare.

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